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The award-winning Trend micro gives you all the protection you need against all the major threats today. Trend micro protects your Windows computer, your Mac, your iOS and Android devices against identity theft, ransom ware, malware, spyware, phishing and against more than 250 million threats every day. It also offers the benefit of helping your computer run better and faster.
Trend micro was created by Trend Micro, a company that has been developing antivirus software for over 20 years. It may not be as well known as its rivals, but has a Best Protection Award from the independent AV-Test Labs, which is why Trend micro demonstrates that it can deliver on its promises, but also that it does it better than the competition.
Trend Micro's is easy to install and use. It runs on Windows (Windows 10 compatible) and on Mac. It protects your computer continuously, without ever slowing it down. You can also customize its many features to suit your needs.

Detection of viruses and threats
Scheduled scans - You can schedule scans as often as you want and choose between a quick scan and a full scan, or let the scanner decide for itself.
Scan Preferences - The scanner automatically scans your computer for suspicious files and protects your data from unauthorized access. It also automatically analyzes all the files you download, save and open. If it is a zip file, you have the option to analyze it again after extraction. It also removes unwanted programs and suspicious files, and closes infected programs if you inadvertently download one.

Protect your private information
Privacy Scanner - Trend micro ensures privacy on social networks and protects your privacy when using a browser.
Preventing Data Theft - This feature prevents hackers and spyware from stealing sensitive information. It also prevents children from sharing such information in email and IM applications by requiring a password.
Safe - You can place sensitive or private information in a special folder locked with a password.

Ensure online security
Web Threats - Blocks potentially harmful sites and prevents browsers from executing malicious scripts on infected websites
Spam and email files - Filters advertisements and unwanted email messages. This also analyzes the attached files to detect threats.
Social Media Protection - Check social media links to make sure they do not lead to dangerous WebPages.
Password Manager - Keeps all your passwords in a safe place.
Firewall booster - Runs in addition to the Windows Firewall and a third-party firewall. It includes intrusion detection system, generic stream scan, zombie detection and other exploits.

PC health check-up
While other antivirus software can slow down your computer, Trend Micro Trend micro helps optimize your computer's performance so that it runs faster by correcting security vulnerabilities, reducing the start-up time of your computer. Computer, recovering disk space and cleaning up private data. The result is that your computer will be safer and faster when using Trend micro.

Parental Controls
It allows you to limit the software and websites that children can access, monitor their activities, and block inappropriate images and websites. It is possible to block entire categories of your choice.

IOS and Android mobile devices
Trend micro will protect your phone from viruses, spyware, dangerous sites, and more. The lost device protection feature lets you locate, lock, and even erase data from a web browser. There is also a function to improve battery longevity for Android phones.
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Ease of use
Trend micro is easy to download and immediately ready for use with default settings already configured to provide the best security.

Trend micro support phone number
The design of Trend micro is practical and simple. You can choose to run a quick, complete, or custom scan. You can also choose protection settings and view a security report by clicking on the small buttons next to the scan button.
The Device tab includes security settings for your computer and the Internet, PC Health Pack to optimize your computer's performance and protect other devices by installing Trend micro on two additional devices. In your Privacy tab, you will find the Privacy Scanner to protect web browsers and social media browsing. Protection on social networks protects you when you access it; protection against data theft ensures the security of your personal information and sensitive data. The Data tab includes Secure Erase, Vault, Password Manager, and the Cold Storage Scanner feature. The Family tab includes parental control options.
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